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It's more than a hike, it's an investment into your dog's health and happiness and your peace of mind.

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1.  Structured exercise, socialization and endless enrichment

2.  Helps alleviate anxiety, boredom, and loneliness.

3.  Improves social and physical confidence

4.  It's fun and they love it!

 "Karl gets to run free the way he loves" -Caitlin



1.  A tired dog that's easier to be with and train

2. Less guilt and frustration. 

3. Improved re-call and trust when off-leash.

4.  Access to hike and camp, off-leash, with your dog on Happy Dog Mountain​​

"My guilt is gone the second Anya picks up Stella for her adventures! -Kesha

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We offer our services as a monthly club membership with a minimum of one hike per week.  The cost includes pick up/drop off, recall training, custom harness with GPS,  daily reports with beautiful photos, and a guaranteed pack spot.  As well as access to hike and camp on Happy Dog Mountain.

1 per week     $75/hike

2 or more per week    $70/hike

Not ready to commit?   You can try before you buy, with up to three trial hikes before deciding if joining the Happy Dog Hike Club is the right choice for your fur-family! 

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